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Leigh'sAnime Collection

李   Leigh's Seeds   李

  French Beaded Flowers



This page is dedicated to my various arts and crafts; mainly the work I do with seed beads as well as freshwater cultured pearls and faceted gemstones.

I began beading not too long ago first with pearls and then I moved onto French beaded flowers.  I have yet to make an original pattern for the flowers, so the ones featured here are from Dalene Kelly's book as well as Virginia Nathanson's and variations I've used from both books to make other plants.

As for faceting, I started doing that about two years ago at the University of Texas at Austin under faceting guru Glenn Vargas.  So far I've worked with mostly amethyst and manmade quartz, but I have also cut pieces from Montana Sapphire, and I'm about to begin working on the aquamarine rough I've been wondering what to do with for a year as well as some garnet.

If you have any questions for me, please ask.  I will be adding various items to this page as I make them, photograph them, etc.




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11 January, 2003




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